Golden Ratio Calculator

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The golden ratio is the calculation of a short side, long side, and a combined length of two sides. If it seems confusing, then you will be pleased to know the golden ratio calculator can easily find the answers for you. You can learn more about the golden ratio below.

What is the Golden Ratio?

The golden ratio, which people also call the golden proportion or golden section, is the calculation you obtain from two segment lengths with the same portion of their sum to the larger sum of two lengths. The golden ratio’s value is limited by consecutive Fibonacci numbers with a value of around 1.618.

You can find the golden ratio formula below, using ‘a’ as the smaller segment, and ‘b’ as the larger of the two. 

(a + b) /a = a/b

You can solve the golden ratio method using a golden ratio calculator, or you can work it out by hand in five easy steps.

   1.	Identify the longer segment by labeling it A
   2.	Label the shorter segment B
   3.	Put the values into the formula and divide a and b by a
   4.	Use the answer of a divided by b
   5.	If it’s a golden ratio, it will be approximately 1.618

What is a Golden Rectangle?

If you have a rectangle with a width of ‘a’ and a length of a + b, then you have a golden rectangle. Instead of using a formula, you can use a golden ratio calculator to work out whether or not something is a golden rectangle.

Golden Ratio Calculator

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