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If you find yourself facing some troublesome geometry calculations, then you may see that they call for a circumference calculator. A circumference calculator can help you to discover not only the circumference of a circle but the area and diameter too. Such a calculator works in all directions, which is convenient. You can work out the circumference to the area, the radius, and the diameter as well. 

Below, you can learn all about what you define as a circumference, how to find it, and how to convert it to the diameter.

What is the Definition of Circumference?

A circle’s circumference is the linear distance that you calculate along the edge. In geometric terms, you would refer to the outer edge as the perimeter, but it’s a less common term when working out a circle’s circumference.

The Formula for Working out Circumference

The formula for working out a circle’s circumference doesn’t rely on anything complicated. Instead, it uses the radius and Pi, which the formula below shows.

C = 2πR

The π symbol is pi, which equals 3.14159 (and infinite numbers after that)

The area of the circle also comes into play in a circumference formula in the following way:

A = π x R^2

How to Find a Circle’s Circumference?

You can find the circumference of a circle in these easy-to-follow steps. 

1.	Identify the circle’s radius, which for this equation will be 20 inches. 

2.	Add this value into the formula
C = 2 x π x R
C = 2 x π x 20 = 125.6637 inches

3.	Find the circle’s area with the correct formula
A = π x R^2 = π x 20^2 = 1256.637 inches-squared

4.	Work out the diameter which is two times the circle’s radius.
D = 2 x R = 2 x 20 = 40 inches

If you want to work out all measurements of a circle, why don’t you try out the full circle measurement calendar?

The Circumference to Diameter Formula

In step number four of finding a circle’s circumference, you found out that a circle’s diameter is equal to two radius measurements. As a result, the circumference and diameter proportion is equal to pi. 

C / D = 2πR / 2R = π

You now know that the circumference to diameter proportion will always be π, which gets most of its use in math and physics.

Circumference Calculator

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