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Beer pong is more than a game, it is fast becoming an international sport, and one which you should definitely try! A backbone of American college culture, beer pong is the perfect pass time to build friendships. This tool will help you throw the perfect beer pong tournament. Use this nifty calculator to be able to plan exactly what you’ll need for the night as you conceptualize the perfect party! Use this to find out just what you need, and you’re ready to roll!
Beer Pong is a drinking game played in teams, where the aim is to land a ping-pong ball in the glasses of beer of the opponents. Teams, usually consisting of 2 or more players, take turns tossing a ping-pong ball into the glasses on the opponents’ side of the table. The other team is subsequently required to drink the contents of the glasses in which the ping-pong balls land. 
Beer pong has become such a phenomenon that political candidates are taking a shot for campaign money! To find out precisely what all the rage is about beer pong, why not gather a crowd of friends, and find out for yourself.
This calculator will enable you to plan your night of beer pong properly. It will help you to compute exactly how much beer you need for a tournament, and you will also be able to calculate exactly how drunk you might get, or how high your blood alcohol level will get, given your weight and gender.

Origins of beer pong

Beer pong, or Beirut, is thought to have originated as a more traditional game of table tennis, with a net and bats, but involving cups of beer. The game is thought to have originated at one of the fraternities at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, but as the game as simplified and been universalized, it’s origins are not strictly clear. The origination of the game dates back to the 50s or 60s.

The rules of the game

These are the commonly accepted rules for a beer pong tournament, although these are by no means exhaustive. This framework provides a generally understood framework for playing the game or setting up a tournament.
      	The game usually consists of two teams with two players each;
      	Each side usually starts with 6 cups arranged in a triangle, with the apex facing the center of the table;
      	The cups should be filled part-way, with beer;
      	The game is played in turns, with each player in the team tossing a ping-pong ball into the opponents’ cups;
      	If a player lands a ball in the opponent’s cup, the opponent must drink all of the beer in that cup. The opposing team will then take their turn.

How to use this calculator

This calculator allows you to enter the number of players per team and the number of teams. The tool will automatically estimate the number of games to be played. You can also specify the number of tables, and the number of cups per team per game. In order to find out how much beer you will need to buy, you can then decide and enter the amount of beer per team per game; this is usually 3 – 4 small, or 2 large bottles of beer. If you enter the number of cups per team per game, and the number of bottles of beer per team, the calculator will automatically output the amount of beer per cup. Finally, if you enter the expected time per game, the calculator will output the overall duration of the tournament. 
Work through the calculator a few times to find out exactly how it works, and how you can intensify the tournament, or adjust the beer requirement based on the number of people attending. Once you have entered all the relevant values, the ‘shopping’ section of the calculator will output the number of bottles of beer you will require. If you enter the price of one bottle of beer, the shopping calculator will output the total expenses in your chosen currency, and will then divide this amongst all players to ascertain an entry fee. 
The final section of the calculator calculates your blood alcohol content for your gender, weight and the amount of beer you drink. This is a useful calculator to ascertain your alcohol consumption and take measured risks – so you know when to go home! 
Try some of our associated calculators to work out your safe alcohol limit, or the potential blood alcohol volume of someone of your weight and gender. Always play safe!

Beer pong in popular culture

Beer pong has been substantially covered in film and popular culture, and although still predominantly an American phenomenon, there is now increased global awareness of the game and its presence in American student culture. This culture continues to grow. A national tournament attracts participants from all over the world, as this phenomenon continues to grow. The culture is growing in popularity and even market-share. There are a range of new and professional beer pong tables on the market. These include inflatable models for a pool beer pong tournament or glow in the dark tables.

Beer Pong Calculator

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