Percent Off Calculator

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Do you want to know how much you can save by buying something on sale? Rather than guessing whether you’re getting a bargain or not, know for sure by using a percent off calculator like the one below.

Discount vs. Percent Off

Some stores offer a 50 percent discount, while others have a 50 percent off sale. Both terms mean the same thing. You can use either a percentage discount calculator or percentage off calculator to work out your savings.

How to Figure Out Percentages and Discounts

Whether you are attending a discount sale or percent off sale, you can use a percentage decrease formula to find out what bargain deals you can achieve. Find out below how you can work out the percent off. 

1. Identify the original price and put it into the original price section of the percentage off calculator. Let’s say, for the sake of this example, it’s a $300 blender.

2. Identify the discount. The store, in this case, is offering you a whopping 60 percent off the ticketed price.

3. You can then use both of these figures to work out your savings. Multiply the numbers together. 

60% x $300 = $180
Original figure ($300) – savings (180) = $120.
You would pay $120 for the blender in a 60% percent off sale. 

4. You can apply the same rule for percentage increases. Type a negative number into the discount box and let the calculator use the percentage increase formula to work out the price increase.

Percent Off Calculator

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